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BTTx Reader: Rainsing Quadruplets
BTTx Reader: Raising Quadruplets
Note: This is the continuation of BTTx Pregnant! Reader: Who's The Dad?
-This is a week after you, your husbands, and children got home fro  the hospital.-
Wake Up Cry
Cries fill the air, instantly waking you up.
"It's your turn, Gilbert," you groan as you shake him awake.
"Nein, it's Spain's d*** turn," he complains groggily, smacking the Spaniard's head. Spain immediatly shoots up, cursing in Spanish. Then he sleepily gets up and goes to see which baby it is and what she/he needs or wants.
You try to fall back asleep but can't so you get up anyway and go into the baby room. The walls arepainted a nature scene and the furniture is  dark wood. Along the walls there are four cribs, each with a different theme, and in the middle of the room are the four bassenetts.  There's a door leading to the renovated bedroom next door, now a play/ changing room. The door is open and Spain is changing Jennifer's diaper.
"I'm going to go ahead and make b
:iconenglandamericaitaly:EnglandAmericaItaly 108 36
BTTxPregnant! Reader: Who's The Dad?
BTT x Pregnant! Reader: Who's The Dad?
Note: Not going to put a warning on it but it's slightly suggestive but c'mon, it's the Bad Touch Trio! There's gonna be some suggestive things! This is far from a lemon though.
You stare at the test in your hand. You blink hard to see if one of the lines will go away but they don't. You stand up from sitting on the put-down toilet lid. "How will I tell them?" you think then another thought strikes you. Which was the dad?!
*background info time*
You had decided just over two years ago with the three nations known as the Bad Touch Trio that you loved all three of them whole heartedly and they had said that they were fine with sharing you. You'd been intimate with each of them individually a couple of times but most of the time, it was with all three of them at once or at least in the same night. So which one of them was the dad?
*end bgit*
You hear the front door open downstairs and Prussia calling up.
"Frau, ve got vhat you asked us to!"
You take
:iconenglandamericaitaly:EnglandAmericaItaly 189 510
Clingy! Master! England x Maid! Demon! reader Ch 1
I wanted to work on another series. Don't worry! I'll continue to work on others.
The sun's light shines through the glass pane. It continue to to shine on a young girl's face. Yet she slept through it. The clock beside her said 5:59. It then change to 6, but before it rings the girl's (s/c) hand prevent it. She gotten up with her (h/l), (h/c) bangs covering her face. She spoke nothing as she got up to the bathroom. Soon she was dressed in a maid uniform.
:iconmikumikuknight:MikuMikuKnight 25 3
You Belong To Me Only [The Master X Reader]
You watched as he threw his folder in the air for the seventh time in the past fifteen minutes. You held the bridge of your nose and got on your knees to pick up the papers that flew out of it for the seventh time. It was embarrassing enough that your knees were showing, much less your Prime Minister was acting like a child at the White House.
"So tell me again why I have to wear this," you asked, indicating to the skirt HE forced you to wear.
The brown haired Time Lord gave you a huge grin and patted your head. "Oh  (f/n), my dear (f/n). In order for us to rule the world of course!"
You raised your eyebrow and pulled at the short business skirt to cover your exposed knees, but failing miserably. "But why a skirt? Couldn't I just wear dress pants?"
He sighed and draped an arm around you, his grin never leaving his face.    
  "You obviously don't get it. You wearing a skirt  makes me look like I'm the boss."
  You sighed in defeat. "That made no sense what
:icontwistedlittlesoul:twistedlittlesoul 124 94
Mature content
ErwinxReader self control (lemon) :icontwoeye:TwoEye 194 71
Mature content
Master [Yandere!Demon!Ciel x Contractor!Reader] :iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 219 48
Mature content
EnglandXReader [Lemon] :iconmirrordemoness:MirrorDemoness 205 40
Hetalia x Drunk!Pervy!Reader Drunken Perviness
Warnings! This story contains kinks and other pervert materials, but no acts at all! If you're not comfortable with sexual talk then don't read! Not a lemon, not a lime, but just pervy in it's own way! Thank you and enjoy!
It was a normal day like any other and the World Meeting was kept in France once again. You were happy being in France. Country was beautiful, people were each one beautiful on their own French way and food was great. Especially you liked the souvenirs! You always got yourself some nice souvenirs and memories each time you visited in another country. Your house was like full of all kind of useless but cute and nice little things!
You were a really calm and laid back country, much like Greece and innocent looking just like Italy or Liechtenstein. Cute countries in your option. Too bad Liechtenstein wasn't there today, but maybe it was better that way. Switzerland did good when he decided that they wouldn't show up. This meeting was quite chaotic. No o
:iconcomplexlepus:ComplexLepus 354 254
Mature content
England x Reader: Doctor Kirkland :iconmitchie98:Mitchie98 235 238
Mature content
German Practice: ProfGermanyXStudentReader. :iconcatitalian92:CatItalian92 297 108
Mature content
Stripped Off Skin -0- (Erwin x Reader x Levi) AU :iconkaoru-reisaki:kaoru-reisaki 45 49
Reward and Punishment (AU Tutor! Erwin x Reader)
“Congratulations (f/n), another F.” My math teacher sneered as he handed me another failed math test of mine. “At this rate, you’ll be repeating this course next year as well.”
“Glad to hear that, sir. I sure do enjoy seeing you every day of my life.” I pitched in with sarcasm. He scowled and waved me off. At the end of the class period, I crumpled up the test and threw it in the trash. I don’t need a piece of paper to remind me how much I hate this subject.
“Guess what dear?” My mother excitedly spoke as I walked into the house after school. “We’ve hired another tutor for you!”
I rolled my eyes as I removed my shoes. She kept on feeding me information about this new tutor as I walked. I didn’t bother to listen; they’ll just give up on me halfway like all the others have before. To them, I was an impossible case. In my defense, it wasn’t even my fault! All of those shitheads just hand
:iconninjinjan:NinJinJan 1,004 133
Kill Kiss Fuck (AU!Eren x Reader)
"I'm so bored, Eren." You whined as you kept rolling over and over your bed. 
Eren was on his phone. You thought maybe he was texting someone special to him which kind of made you a little bit annoyed. "Geez Eren, you can talk to me you know?" You stopped rolling, properly sitting down. "You texting a girlfriend?" 
Finally, he looked up from his phone and looked your way. You stare onto those turquoise eyes. His eyes are one of the things you admire about him. Well, he's your best friend and all but you kind of think it's more than that. You thought, it may be selfish of you to think that you want him to like you back a.s.a.p but he probably doesn't feel the same way as you, the fact that he might've texted a hot chick a while ago. Maybe, it's better to be like this than confessing to him. There are possibilities that can happen if you do. He might stop talking to you or he may think it's weird because he's sort of your brother now.
"No," He narrowed his eyebrows. "What are y
:iconthesassykc:thesassykc 652 163
Japan x Reader - Doorstep Confession
Kiku’s hands shook as he readjusted his grip on the bouquet of flowers, his breath escaping in erratic patterns as he attempted to calm himself down.
But what, pray tell, was there anything to calm down about?
His normally calm and composed demeanor was slipping as he forced himself to walk up to your doorstep, and at this point, his knuckles were white from holding onto the bouquet so tightly.
Honestly, he wouldn’t have been here if it weren’t for Alfred, and Kiku wasn’t sure whether or not that was a good thing. He’d recently heard from the American that you were pretty shy when it came to relationships, so that meant that you didn’t typically make the first move; so, knowing of the Japanese man’s crush on you, Alfred pushed him to confess before someone else stole you away.
Now, that was easier said than don
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 616 107
Canada x Reader - Plushie Confession
Sleepovers with Matthew and his brother Alfred always proved themselves to be eventful.
Whether or not that was a good thing, you’ve yet to decide.
“Matthew, help! Your– brother– is– choking– me!”
“C-C’mon now Alfred, let _____ go, it’s just a movie–”
Having completely disregarded Matthew’s attempts at making Alfred let you go, the American instead chose to grab onto Matthew too, ensnaring him in his death grip in his fit of fear.
Why did you accept their invitation for a sleepover again?
Oh yeah.
Because of Matthew.
Not saying it like it’s a bad thing, but your longtime, shy Canadian friend Matthew was someone you happened to harbor feelings for; and due to these feelings, you usually wanted to be around him, a
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,158 217
Germany x Reader - Cuddly
Ludwig was a cute sleeper.
You’d give him that.
With his peaceful expression and soft snores, he resembled a giant, huggable teddy bear; the fact that his hair was down didn’t help too much either, because it only seemed to add to the adorable look.
Nonetheless, even if he did resemble a teddy bear, he definitely wasn’t acting like one – on the contrary, it was you who was acting like a teddy bear.
“I’m so thirsty,” you whined pitifully, squirming around in Ludwig’s strong hold. “Lemme go, Luddy! Wake up! I wanna get some water!”
The German didn’t even move, earning yet another whine from you.
For ten minutes you’d been trying to escape Ludwig’s arms, yearning for a nice cup of water to quench your thirst; however, much to your chagrin, Ludwig had a bad habit of cuddling in his sleep.
Well, you wouldn’t really call it bad – if anything, you enjoyed being cuddled by the
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,593 235



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